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Product Reviews:

Product Review 1

From: Jason Kilborn
Professor of Law
John Marshall Law School (Chicago)

I’ve searched all over the internet for good Arabic-English reference/translation resources, and VerbAce-Pro stands head-and-shoulders above anything else I’ve found. It’s so easy to use—I just hover my mouse above a word in a newspaper story or online report, and a small pop-up window gives me several English possibilities. No opening and closing dictionary pages, no typing Arabic words into a search field. I have my answer in half a second and can continue with my work. This is amazingly useful. And not only do I get the correct translation for the one or two words in a sentence that confuse me, but I get constant learning and reinforcement of the other meanings and uses of the relevant word. I can see the word in context as I look at the translation and reinforce the unfamiliar word’s role in the phrase. Fabulous! VerbAce-Pro is an absolute must for anyone interested in maximum efficiency in working with Arabic text online.


Jason Kilborn
Professor of Law
John Marshall Law School (Chicago)

Product Review 2

From: Aarij A

VerbAce Pro is a dictionary which comes as a computer software (i.e it has to be installed on your computer) that provides Arabic-English/English-Arabic translations. It enables searching by root words, searching by whole words, searching by verbs in their present/command tense and provides exact matches and partial matches.

The exact matches for verbs include basic information like form, present tense (in notation) for 3-letter verbs, synonyms in Arabic and usage with different prepositions. The nouns are provided with the plurals as well. The search results are nicely separated by verb/noun.

A very impressive feature is a hover-over translation for Arabic and English words, which makes reading Arabic articles incredibly easy and fun.


1) Ease of Usage. Very easy and intuitive to use. The amount of knowledge of grammar you need to fully benefit from VerbAce is roughly equivalent to the amount you need for the Mawrid. However, since you can search verbs in their different tenses and many times with attached pronouns, VerbAce benefits those beginners who cannot benefit from Sakhr and the Mawrid yet. Moreover, the hover-over translation is absolutely incredible.

2) Arabic Synonyms. Helps build up the vocabulary.

3) Completeness. Unlike the Mawrid and Sakhr, VerbAce provides much more complete information about verbs and nouns. It also provides commonly used phrases (mostly contemporary) which clarify the meanings further.

4) Accuracy. The search engine of VerbAce is far superior than Sakhr or that of the electronic Mawrid. It returns results faster and much more accurately.

5) Speed. The results are displayed very speedily, yet accurately.


1) Masdar. The VerbAce does not, sadly, give the masdar for verbs.

2) Typing in Arabic. VerbAce comes with a built-in keyboard so this should not be too much of a problem.

3) License. The software is licensed and the trial is for 14-days only.

Personal Review:

I installed VerbAce recently and I have found it to be supremely useful. Since its install, I have stopped using the Mawrid and Sakhr, which were two resources I used extensively in the past. VerbAce, in my opinion, is a very complete package and offers quality at a fast speed.


Essential for beginners and intermediates, useful for advanced students (due to its speed and accuracy). The hover-over translate sets it apart from all online dictionaries. A must have for all students.