Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get VerbAce-Pro?

You can download the latest version of VerbAce-Pro for free here.

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How can I purchase VerbAce-Pro?

You can purchase VerbAce-Pro via our Purchase Page.

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What Operating Systems Does VerbAce-Pro Support?

VerbAce-Pro is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10.
VerbAce-Pro is NOT compatible with previous Windows versions or Mac OS.

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I cannot read text from Chrome/FireFox browser.

The Chrome/FireFox browsers require a special extension to run, in order to allow VerbAce to read text from them.
These extensions are installed automatically (starting from version 1.02). Nevertheless, sometimes it is needed to install the extensions manually.

Chrome: Open the page chrome://extensions. If you don't see a VerbAce extension on the list, install it from the web store.
Always remember to restart the browser after you make the required changes.
If you encounter an error during installation of the extension, please try to uninstall and install again the Chrome browser, then install our extension again.

FireFox: Due to technical problems we don't support native text capturing in FireFox.

* the installation directory is usually at 'C:\Program Files\VerbAce Research\VerbAce-Pro'

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Can I move VerbAce-Pro to another computer?

You can move your VerbAce-Pro program to another PC (e.g. when you purchase a new computer).
Just un-install VerbAce-Pro from the old PC and install it on the new one.

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I lost my license code - can you send it to me again?

Yes! please use our License Code Retrieval page to retrieve your code.

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Where can I find VerbAce-Pro past versions?

You can download VerbAce-Pro past versions here:

VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1 (last release 1.06)

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I want to install VerbAce-Pro on more than one computer. How many licenses do I have to purchase?

According to our License Agreement you need to purchase a license for each workstation.
Please refer to the License Agreement for more details (appears on the first screen of the installation program).

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I cannot read text from Adobe Reader (PDF files)

Adobe Reader XI
Please make sure that the following configuration is set:
1. Open the Adobe Reader 'Edit > Preferences' menu (CTRL+K)
2. Go to 'Security (Enhanced)' tab
3. make sure 'enable Protected Mode at startup' is NOT checked.

VerbAce-Pro 1.x: this version may not configure Adobe Reader XI correctly. To fix this, please download and install the latest VerbAce-Pro 2 (you can run it under evaluation) and make sure you can read from Adobe Reader XI, then install again your version of VerbAce-Pro 1. Adobe Reader should now be configured.

Adobe Reader X:
Please make sure that the following configuration is set:
1. Open the Adobe Reader 'Edit > Preferences' menu (CTRL+K)
2. Go to 'General' tab
3. make sure 'enable Protected Mode at startup' is NOT checked.

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How do I purchase several licenses?

To place an order for several licenses please follow these steps:
1. Press Buy on our web site,
2. Enter the number of licenses you want to purchase (according to the number of workstations you have),
3. Press Update to see the new purchase value,
4. In the First Name field enter your company name (or your full name if you are not a company),
5. In the Last Name field enter the number of licenses you are buying (e.g. '15 licenses', 'two licenses', etc.),
6. Follow through the rest of the process, according to the instructions on the screen. The license key you will obtain is valid for the number of installations you ordered.

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Can I add other languages to the program?

You can add the following dictionaries to the program:
German-English Dictionary
Spanish-English Dictionary
To add a dictionary, download the file and add it to the installation folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\VerbAce Research\VerbAce-Pro). Then restart the program.

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