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VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English Dictionary 2.5

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What is VerbAce-Pro

VerbAce-Pro is a high-end Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionary and translation software. VerbAce-Pro is simple to use and provides accurate translations quickly and easily.

To use VerbAce-Pro simply press the mouse button or pass the cursor over any word on your desktop. VerbAce-Pro will analyze the word and the context and provide you with a relevant translation.

VerbAce-Pro Main Features

Arabic-English Dictionary Arabic-English Dictionary
Extensive bilingual dictionary with elaborated entries and Arabic diacritics
Micro Window Translation Micro Window Translation
Quick and concise translation by passing the mouse over the word
Phrases and Idioms Phrases and Idioms
Detection of Arabic and English phrases and expressions
Wikipedia Results Wikipedia Results
Get Instant results from Wikipedia in a single click
User-defined Dictionary User-defined Dictionary
Add new terms to your private dictionary with one click
Virtual Arabic Keyboard Virtual Arabic Keyboard
Type in Arabic characters without a keyboard

Using VerbAce-Pro

To use VerbAce-Pro just click on the word you want to translate, and the VerbAce-Pro results window will pop up with the trasnslation you need.

VerbAce-Pro captures and translates words and phrases from most Windows applications.
You can also pass the mouse over words and obtain quick translation via the Micro Window, or search for words by typing them in the term box.

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The Lastest Version 2.5

The lastest version contains several improvements, including:

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated dictionary both for Arabic and English Languages

this, in addition to the existing features of previous versions:

  • Enhanced Text Capturing Ability (for English text)
  • English Voice Pronunciation
  • Advanced Phrase Detection
  • Instant results from Wikipedia for Arabic and English
  • Micro Window for quick and concise translation
  • Expressions and phrases
  • User-defined Dictionary Support
  • Virtual Arabic Keyboard
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Advanced Morphological Engine

VerbAce-Pro new morphological engine can analize complex word formations and display the relevant dictionary entries.
The engine also detects and shows the form number of Arabic verbs.

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Dictionary Features

VerbAce-Pro features elaborated Arabic and English dictionaries, including:

  • Arabic broken plural and feminine forms
  • English usage indications
  • English broken plural forms
  • Entries sub-meanings (when applicable)
  • Many technical fields covered (Medicine, Anatomy, Law, Computing, Finance, and more)

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Wikipedia Results

VerbAce-Pro can search the Wikipedia * and retrieve results both for Arabic and English.

VerbAce-Pro can retrieve pictures and expressions that match the words you are searching or clicking on.

* requires Internet connection.

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License and Delivery

You can use VerbAce-Pro under the following license types:

  • Free Trial:   Use the full version of VerbAce-Pro freely for a trial period - just download it and start using it now!
  • Lifetime License:   Enjoy VerbAce-Pro without time limit! To the price list

The product/license is delivered immediately after payment confirmation (via email or on-line).

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System Requirements

  • VerbAce-Pro is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • VerbAce-Pro is NOT compatible with older Windows versions or Mac OS
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Contact Us

Still got questions? contact us now via email!

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Buy VerbAce-Pro Now!Buy VerbAce-Pro Now! Download VerbAce-Pro Now!Download VerbAce-Pro Now!